The Next 2018 Summer Sale starts this week with the online bargains going live from Friday, 6th July, and the in-store offering starting the day after. Lots of you will be looking for the Next VIP sale login and working out how to get a Next VIP sale slot, in a last minute rush to be one of the first to snap up these clothing deals.

When and where is the next VIP summer sale for 2018 – Once it starts, you will find the login page on the official Next website here. This is for the VIP slots and early shoppers, everyone else can shop the main Next website from Friday and in-store from Saturday 7th July.

How do you get a Next VIP Slot – This might be out of your hands already, although Next give a few tips on getting a VIP slot, which include:

  • 1) Making sure you have an existing nextpay account and £250 available credit AT LEAST. No minimum available credit applies if your account was opened in the 3 months prior to being selected for VIP Sale.
  • 2) You would have placed and kept a Next Directory order this season.
  • 3) Make sure your email address is up-to-date and been registered to receive promotional and sale emails.
  • Next select those people for a VIP slot, so if you are following the above and met the conditions, then you stand a good chance of getting one to shop before everyone else this week.