While we strive to bring you the best money saving deals available as soon as they arrive, we have some potentially shocking news to bring you now regarding Toys R us, one of the biggest sources of deals that there is.

Multiple reports are suggesting that Toys R Us could be planning to file for bankruptcy in the build up to Christmas this year. The reason is due to the fact that they are apparently struggling to shift their business to online sales, as opposed to brick and mortar operations which they are based on primarily at the moment.


While this is obviously sad news as it could mean no more Toys R Us in the future, it could also serve as a possibility to snap up some amazing deals this Christmas too if Toys R Us decide that they need to host some extraordinary deals in order to stay afloat and keep their business going.

Whatever happens, we will keep you updated here with any special Toys R Us deals that happen in the coming months. If you have taken advantage of some Toys R Us deals in the past, give us your reaction to the news.

Will you be upset if Toys R Us really shuts down for good?

UPDATE: We’re hearing this is impacting US only meaning UK store may be unaffected, this story is developing…and we’ll let you know once we have more information.