This year we’ve seen technology upgraded for both PS4 and Xbox One consoles, as such we expect good Black Friday deals in

2022. There will be those of you that want the latest console upgrade, or others happy with a slightly older model at a bargain price.

Where are the best PS4 and Xbox One Black Friday Deals for 2022?

We have hunted through the sales and kept an eye on retailer whispers for what they plan to offer on Black Friday this year, also we’ve seen some early Xbox One and PS4 Black Friday deals go live.

Below you can see the best places to look now and on Black Friday for console deals, direct links to those deals where possible:

PS4 and Xbox One deals worth a mention:
If we mention any deals we’ve seen below, please bare in-mind that some might sell out fast, so keep track of the events via the above links.

  • PS4 500GB With COD WWII OR STAR WARS BF II + GT SPORT LE + HIDDEN AGENDA + NOW TV at £199.99 – SAVE OVER £95). See GAME via the link above for this deal.
  • Sony PlayStation 4 Pro, PlayStation Plus Subscription, FIFA 18, FALLOUT and COD WWII £299.99 at Currys
  • PS4 PRO 1TB with FIFA 18 and Yooka Laylee or Fallout 4 for £299.99 at Argos.
  • MICROSOFT Xbox One S with Forza, Battlefront 2, Doom and Fallout 4 for £199.99 at Currys.

If you spot a good PS4 or Xbox One deal this Black Friday, leave a comment below with the model (IE Xbox One S/X or PS4 Pro) and any games included if it’s a bundle offer. Happy shopping!