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Money Saver Online launched to allow everyone to join a free community and find amazing offers with discount coupons, sales events, deals all year and during special events like Black Friday. We post bargains found online and in-store.

HISTORY was founded in the UK, after its bargain and sales group launched in October 2015, by Daniel and Kerry Chubb. Within its first year, the Facebook group quickly headed towards 100,000 members and has an admin team of 4.

The launch of our website was released to make selected bargains more accessible by everyone online at any time – this is regardless if you’re on Facebook, or not.

Publish focused information to help our community find the lowest prices on a range of products related to Entertainment, Fashion, Kids & Baby, Home & Garden, Gaming, Computers, Audiovisual, Travel and much more. We will lead the money saving industry by following the latest sales trends and working closely with our readers.

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